Marton Anka and Michael Simon founded 3 am Labs in 2003. They have provided remote access and systems management software from the ground up. The Company became a global brand with a name change to LogMeIn123 and a series of advanced technology acquisitions. In 2019, LogMeIn had 3,500 employees worldwide, millions of active users, and $1.2 billion in annual revenue.LogMein-123LogMeIn123 Rescue from LogMeIn provides a solution for a specific use case; Remote Support and Remote Access require separate licenses. The central web application allows technicians to configure ConnectWise control support to their needs, and there is no need to install a client or technician-side client software. ConnectWise Control Support offers ad hoc and unattended access for 60% less than Rescue by LogMeIn123.

It gives you the performance, security, scalability, and reliability required to support more smartphones, tablets, and computers than any other remote support solution. LogMeIn123 Rescue is an efficient and secure way to receive technical support directly on your computer, wherever you are, thanks to a reliable Internet connection.LogMein123-Corporate-Office

LogMeIn123 is one of the most popular remote access software manufacturers today, with millions of users. IT technicians and technical support staff can use the LogMeIn123 rescue package for assistance. The LogMeIn123 Rescue review below shows why this platform is an excellent choice for businesses and individuals looking for an easy way to provide technical support.

LogMeIn123 is a program that allows you to control another computer from anywhere in the world remotely. This tool gives you access to all essential files on your work computer, even at home or on vacation. Also, technicians use it a lot to help you troubleshoot your computer remotely. Resolve issues faster, more accurately, and easy for a better customer and agent experience.

The Company is developing a product and go-to-market strategy that recognizes this reality of BYOA and introduces new ways to help individuals and organizations secure access to sensitive information. Among these efforts, LogMeIn 123’s acquisition of LastPass is likely to play a vital role since it complements LogMeIn’s existing identity portfolio and strengthens the Company’s leadership position in the access market.