Benefits And Features

With Logmein123, you can access your work or home device from anywhere with a computer through an online connection. It’s easy to install and use. Logmein123 can only access the central computer if the computer is on. Once you launch the app, you can access your home or work computer anytime, anywhere.LogMein-123 It is possible to control another computer from anywhere using this software remotely. You can use this tool to access important files on your work computer from the comfort of your home or while on vacation. A technology specialist can also help you remotely with computer problems. You can use it for free if you sign up for a free trial. You will receive a download code after creating an account at LogMein123 for a free trial.

Benefits And Features Of LogMein123


  • The customer must provide approval before connecting with a Brunswick support engineer.
  • Direct file transfers speed problem resolution.
  • This software allows you to keep the latest antivirus software on your computers and use our built-in antivirus license software to keep all computers you control safe.
  • Patches and service packs are available for the Windows operating system and other Microsoft software.
  • By staying informed about software that may be out of date, you can better manage your IT resources.


  • Antivirus Management

The platform allows you to monitor and manage antivirus software easily, view a list of potential threats, run scans, and much more. Users can create firewall rules natively, allowing them to continue using the antivirus of their choice. Core users can run most, if not all, major antivirus companies.

  • User & Device Management

Organize your users and computers into groups, manage permissions, and allow anyone you control to access computers.

  • Remote Control

With this feature, you can control an end user’s device and perform tasks as if a direct end-user is using your device. Letting your scripts do repetitive tasks is the best way to save time and preserve your sanity.